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The development of telecommunication technology (ICT) today encourages WMI to always innovate and support changing market needs for new telematics systems that have a major influence on all aspects of life, for this reason WMI as a solution provider company and creator of the best information technology systems is ready to serve ‘design to implementation’ telecommunication equipment or information system equipment throughout Indonesia.

Telematics Type

WMI is experienced in the procurement and installation of energy equipment such as rectifiers, batteries, generators etc. as well as energy renewables such as solar panels throughout Indonesia.

WMI develops remote monitoring system tools that enable companies to monitor and control devices in a wide location. very effective and efficient, also more “smart” and “fast” in responding to the dynamics of the location.

With a team of experts and experience, WMI is ready to help your company to realize project plans according to deadlines, projects such as building FO networks, relocation of BTS and telecommunication radio.